Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic has population of over 10 million people, and a territory stretching 48,442 square kilometres. Today, the first city of the Americas, Santo Domingo, is the capital of the Dominican Republic , and continues to thrive while preserving its history and original Spanish architecture.

The country’s cultural make up–Taino, European, and African–includes a diverse population welcomed in the DR since the 19th century, from Jewish and Japanese communities to UNESCO-proclaimed Afro-Caribbean groups. Along the way, you’ll experience a unified passion for our music and dance–merengue, bachata, and son–our diverse gastronomy taking you beyond rice and beans, our love for baseball, family, and hospitality. Together, they make up the essence of our Dominican spirit.


park nacional los 3 ojos



The Dominican Republic’s Three Eyes National Park is a nature reserve and open-air limestone cave system with a series of crystal clear lakes known as the “eyes.” Just ten minutes by car from Colonial Zone, the park provides a sweet respite from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Along with a guided tour, these caves also offer deeper insights into the pre-colonial and ancestral origins of the Dominican Republic.


The largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean, the Jardín Botánico Nacional graces the capital city with over 400 acres (two-square kilometers) of nature preserve filled with the island’s native trees, including multiple species of palm, flowers—over 300 species of orchids—and birds, such as the country’s national palm chat. A trolley tour takes you through its multiple exotic corners, the most popular of which is the Japanese garden, with a manicured, lakeside lawn ideal for picnics. Beginner or avid bird watchers can sign up for guided hikes organized by the Hispaniola Ornithological Society.


La Caleta’s irregular topography includes three defined terraces, underwater caves, and well-known shipwrecks. A variety of corals and schools of colorful critters thrive here, using the reefs as shelter and food source, including grouper, balloon fish, rays, lionfish, octopuses, and turtles. Among the more popular shipwrecks is the Hickory, a 1984 ship located at about 18 meters (60 feet) deep, submerged in 1984 by a group of submarine researchers to create an artificial reef for the proliferation of marine life. Additional wrecks include El Limón and Capitán Alsina, located about 30 meters (100 feet) deep, and the Don Quico at about 58 meters (190 feet) of depth. Nearby, an impressive system of karst rocks creates a meandering network of underwater caverns and tunnels over 100 meters (328 feet) long—an ideal place for technical diving.

japanese garden


Enjoy spending a quiet afternoon in the Japanese garden while a gentle breeze caresses bamboo leaves and a solitary wind chime.

Among the various recordings collected, one in particular deserves a special attention : the sound of Shishi-Odoshi, an ingenious device made of Bamboo, which literally translates as Deer Scarer.

giubia playa


Güibia is an urban beach located in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional. It is well connected to the boardwalk of the city and is linked to sport activities and entertainment. Its connection to the urban center is very direct. It is popular amongst surfers and groups that get together to exercise. Güibia Beach has a great potential to be a great ludic space for locals and tourists as well.

Among the various recordings collected, one in particular deserves a special attention : the sound of Shishi-Odoshi, an ingenious device made of Bamboo, which literally translates as Deer Scarer.

independencia park


Towering over the western edge of the Colonial City and facing the start of Calle El Conde, Independence Park ranks among the DR’s most sacred sites. Inside the walled and guarded landmark is the Altar de la Patria or a white-marble mausoleum housing the remains of the Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic: Juan Pablo Duarte, Matías Ramón Mella, and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez. Pay your respects at the foot of their life-sized statutes, then stroll the park’s vast grounds, which often serve as an open art gallery with frequent displays both inside and around its walls, where a national guard always stands.


casa del teatro



Founded in 1974, Casa de Teatro is one of Santo Domingo’s and the DR’s most respected cultural centers. This historic location hosts regular art and photo exhibits in its entrance lobby, as well as movies and live music evenings at its on-site café bar. Theater plays and formal concerts are hosted in the amphitheater. It’s a favorite hub of creatives, from poets to writers and actors. An annual jazz festival also takes place at Casa de Teatro every summer, featuring renowned Dominican and international jazz artists every Thursday evening during the months of June and July.


One of the liveliest parks in the Dominican Republic faces the oldest cathedral in the Americas, in a verdant, shaded square surrounded with colonial, republican, and modern architecture. A magnet for Dominicans and tourists alike, at its center is a towering statue of Christopher Columbus pointing to the island when he discovered it, and Taino Indian heroine Anacaona at his feet, looking up at the explorer. Pigeons fly around this magical square, punctuated with benches, and bustling with merengue music players, sidewalk cafés, and plenty of people watching.

sining santo domingo


The cosmopolitan city of Santo Domingo is constantly reinventing itself. New restaurants open every month, catering to the demanding local crowds. Eating out is big in Santo Domingo, a city that lives to socialize till the early hours of the morning, lunch time and evening.

Most restaurants are located in the Polígono Central (Naco, Piantini areas), including the busy Gustavo Mejía Ricart and Winston Churchill avenues, the Malecón, Chinatown or Colonial City areas of the city. Santo Domingo has more restaurants than any other city in the Caribbean or Central America. They serve Dominican, Caribbean, Latin, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese specialties, many with a Dominican twist and of course with fresh local ingredients.



Santo Domingo’s casino scene thrives mainly along the city’s Malecón, where a handful of brand hotels offer facilities of varying sizes. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, craps, Mini-Baccarat, and poker tables are among the most popular options. Try your luck to the sound of merengue, while the free cocktails and bites flow.



Santo Domingo boasts the most comprehensive shopping scene in all of the Dominican Republic. Past the typical souvenir stores, the Colonial City is replete with uniquely stocked arts and crafts galleries, carrying Dominican art, textiles, and jewelry made from amber and larimar. The city center offers modern shopping malls—Blue Mall and Ágora Mall are among the most popular—equal in size and setting to those found in Europe or North America, offering multiple brand designer apparel, technology stores, 3D movie theaters, food courts, and other services. Aside from malls, you will find specialty cigar shops such as La Leyenda del Cigarro, where you can watch a cigar roller at work, and Arturo Fuente, an upscale cigar lounge combining cocktails and bites. Other shopping hubs include general and gourmet supermarkets, household appliances stores, as well as Chinese discount stores and outdoor flea markets. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find it in La Capital.




A few minutes away from the Columbus Lighthouse you’ll find the amazing National Aquarium, which has approximately 34500 m².Inaugurated in 1990, this interesting marine zoo is one of the most visited spots by locals and tourists in Santo Domingo.

In the center of the construction you can walk through a Plexiglass tunnel that goes all along the interior of the huge pools, thus being possible to admire the marine fauna above and next to you. The facilities have 90 fresh and salty water fish tanks with seven ponds where all kinds of Tropical fishes can be seen: Carey huge turtles, sharks, sea-horses, parrotfishes, trumpet fishes and many more.


Stroll around and see animals of different kinds and sizes in the National Zoo Park of Santo Domingo, and admire the animal diversity that you can find in the Dominican Republic.

Inaugurated in 1975, this zoo currently has around 82 species of plants as well as exotic and endemic animals. In the zoo, you can find numerous tropical birds and many mammals coming from all over the world, such as the African lion, the grey or green De Brazza’s monkey or the Bengal Tiger.

Carribean splash water
Enjoy your day to Splash Water Park with your family
Various Toboggan are waiting for you for a complete fun


Visit the Trampolín Children’s Museum (Museo Infantil Trampolín Museum) with the whole family and enjoy science in a fun way taking part in several activities specially designed for children.

Along nine different rooms, children learn about topics like the history of the formation of the Earth and the Universe while there is also a place dedicated to society and the human being. In this interesting museum you’ll see the different forms of energy known to man by this far as well as being able to play with light and color in a room full of mirrors characterized by their funny shapes.

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